The Northwoods Gardener Builds Bird Feeders That Last

In the spring, summer and fall, the Northwoods Gardener helps you with your lawn care and gardens. All year round, we sell the best bird feeders you will ever buy.

The Northwoods Gardener offers hand-crafted, red cedar bird feeders which hold lots of black oil sunflower seeds. Made right here in Larry's workshop.

Sturdy, hand-crafted bird feeders which hold up to 12 pounds of sunflower seed.

Mega Sunflower Feeder



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WOW. This mega holds twelve pounds of sunflower seeds! If you are traveling, this is the feeder for you....or if you have a vacation home and don't want to disappoint the visitors, use this feeder. The feeder is 24 inches long, made of red cedar, and is 12 inches wide. 

Friends have placed them in their yards and only fill them once a month or so!

As an added bonus, the squirrels can only get one seed at a time.  They tend to become discouraged!!